The "Cafe beim Ronacher"

How it all started....

At that time still in the 2nd district -
"Kankovskys Weinhalle" 1924.

The senior - chef.
Father and son - the Kankovskys 1958.
The junior - chef with mama Resi 1957.
Ladiesnight at the cafe 1965.

VIP Guest - Karl Farkas at the "Cafe beim Ronacher" 1965.

Quelle: "Express"

Ernst Kankovsky jun. in front of the cafe 1987.

Exterior view before conversion.

The "Cafe beim Ronacher" before conversion.

Conversion 1989.

Alteration done!
Mama Kankovsky with Direktor Lunzer,
an old friend of the family.


The "Cafe beim Ronacher" today.
Chef Ernst Kankovsky in the garden..
..and inside the cafe.

The bar as it looks today.